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I’m Not Lost, I’m Differently Positioned

If you haven’t heard from me for awhile and you wonder where I’ve been, this is a good time to re-mention that I have changed my name from Middle Aged Plague to This Woman Writes. You can find, and follow, me at, and if you’re used to reading me on a particular newspaper blogging platform, […]

Join Me on This Woman Writes

My wonderful readers: I have changed my name from Middle Aged Plague to This Woman Writes. Please join me this week as I discuss “Performance Art” in Real Life.

Honesty — It’s Still a Lonely Word

Note: This post is simultaneously published at This Woman Writes, the new name and new location of Middle Aged Plague. Transition — it’s never easy. I just finished reading one of those inspirational stories that is supposed to energize me but actually makes me want to rest my head on my paper-cluttered desk and weep. […]

If Pumpkins Were Money, I’d Be Rich

Before we get started, allow me to say that I’ve changed my name from Middle Aged Plague to This Woman Writes, where I will eventually be transferring my posts and writing. Please, if you are a regular reader, let’s not lose one another. You can sign up at This Woman Writes to receive me, in my […]

Life’s — and Death’s — Lessons

I visited my father the other day. Generally, these visits consist of my kneeling before a concrete slab, embedded in which is a plaque bearing Dad’s name and two salient dates. I tell him how much we miss him and how glad we are that he’s in a better place, and then I bring him […]

I’m a Believer — So Are You

We disagree with one another a lot these days, but I think I’ve found three sentences we can all say, “Yes, that’s true,” to: 1) We are all born. 2) We all die. 3) In between, we operate each of our lives based upon individual belief systems, which in themselves are loosely or tightly based […]

Married — 30 Years — with Children

We started out young and dumb, and next week will find us middle aged and wiser. Tuesday the Norwegian Artist and I celebrate 30 years of marriage. One man, one woman, who decided to throw our lots in together and see where our combined energy, talent, drive, and love would take us in a world […]

The Socks from Hell

I have conquered the Socks from Hell. It is not so much that I have subjugated these hand-knitted demons to their knees so much that I have brought them to my feet. Snugly, quietly, they embrace my very soles, and you would never guess how much anguish, toil, trouble, and sheer screaming frustration it took […]

The Seasonal, Annual, Holiday, Snuffling Cold

I feel yucky. My nose is stuffed, I cough — twice — every 30 seconds, I can’t hear through the plugging of my ears, there’s a chill that has nothing to do with a draft, my lithesome form drapes lethargically over the sofa like a 19th century Gothic novel heroine, and when I talk I […]

Black Friday — Shopping Can Be Fun, Really

Any of you with teenagers know that you’re frequently unpopular with them for major issues like, say, breathing, and for awhile, our policy of not buying electronics, CDs, DVDs, or digital detritus really affected our poll numbers. “But it’s what I WANT,” they argued. “Don’t you want to buy me a gift that I WANT?” […]

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